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About us

Road Salt - Wojtex“Wojtex" Wojciech Pasich Manufacturing, Trade and Service Company has been active in the road services market since 1994. We are one of the leading suppliers of road salt in Poland.

From the outset we made customer satisfaction our main goal and strive to fulfil it by ensuring quick delivery of orders and a high-quality selection of products.

Over the years, our company has provided ongoing services for many national and regional institutions, such us:


  • Voivodeship (Regional) Road Administrations
  • District Road Administrations
  • Municipal and public service firms
  • Private firms

Bulk Road saltThe amount of salt delivered each year depends on the environmental conditions and ranges between 34 and 50 thousand tonnes.

Our firm has four salt shipping centres at the rail terminals in Przemyśl, Zamość, Wola Baranowska and Sławków as well as a warehouse in Zabrze. Permanent warehouses at each shipping centre possess a total capacity of 25 thousand tonnes.

We also specialized in the sale of bagged salt to stores, housing complexes and communities as well as to private customers. Full-truck orders can be delivered in quantities of 10 or 24 tonnes. We also accept smaller orders from 1 to 3 tonnes which are shipped to anywhere in Poland through an independent courier service.

We possess our own delivery vehicles and also work together with local road transport providers to guarantee delivery of salt to our Customers at any time of day or night.

Road salt in bags

Our salt has received a positive opinion from the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw and from the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw. We possess all pertinent certificates and enjoy a good reputation among our customers which is backed by the letters received from them.

We also specialize in the sale of bagged salt to stores, housing complexes and communities as well as to private customers.

We are prepared to establish new business partnerships and to take new orders. On our part we guarantee quick and reliable delivery of our high-quality products.



Sales - contact

Sales to Germany and Austria:

Sales Representative: Agnieszka Pasich

Salt in bulk:

Sales Representative: Paweł Tyrała
Working hours: 8.00 - 16.00
Cellular phone: 789 260 800

Bagged salt:

Sales Representative: Angela Smigielska
Working hours: 8.00 - 16.00
Cellular phone: 502 398 798


Please fax orders to:
+48 12 398 36 38